My husband and I came to the Audio Experience looking to upgrade the speakers in our home. Jamie spent a good amount of time with us and had a great deal of knowledge about his products. He gave us a few options for what we were looking for and was more like talking to a friend than a salesperson. Thank you!

- Maggie K

I walked in with a lot of questions and Jamie was more than happy to just hang out and thoughtfully answer all of them over the course of two hours. He was respectful of my budget and was not bothered by how low it was (for hifi). He just wanted to share his passion and help me out. We hung out talking and he showed and educated me about some of his more complex systems. If you are looking for speakers, integrated amps, hi fi audio gear or an audio store in Lake County, this spot should be on the top of your list.

- Ivaylo Guenkov

"If you're serious about your music and the fidelity of your system you will enjoy this store. Top flight equipment was on display both times I visited a year apart. Jamie is a pleasure to work with and clearly has a passion for music and gear. This guy is experienced and will ask the right questions. From there you can expect a serious demo based on your priorities. He has gear on display that you won't find everywhere. Highly recommended."

- Randy Duncan

"We were very impressed by the Audio experience. Incredible selection of carefully curated HiFi gear. Displayed in a beautiful and comfortable environment. If you’re an audiophile you owe it to yourself to check these guys out. They’re very nice and not snooty at all as well."

- Kurt Melancon

"I would sum up this place with one word: WOW. Love this place. My Dad is an audiophile...brought him here...and let's just say he came away VERY impressed and humbled about his knowledge on high-end audio. Thanks for the awesome service guys!"

- Mitch Cierniewski

"Jamie really knows his gear. He will help to find a system to fit your needs and budget. Can't wait to see the new store."

- James Klewin

" I initially contacted The Audio Experience as one of the few US distributors of a niche, ultra high end audio component I was looking for. Jamie hooked me up. Straight to the point and utterly professional. He found me my product, worked with me throughout the purchase, and made sure I was happy every step along the way. I had the product shipped to my home, which I was concerned about; but the item came in its factory-sealed box, in another box, which was then wrapped in heavy-duty plastic. The Audio Experience knows the audio business and knows how to care for its customers. Great experience. "

- William McSurley

"Jamie, the owner was fabulous working with me in the sale of a set of speakers. He spent extended quality time with me, sharing the audiophile passion, and adding no sales pressure whatsoever in his dealing with me. We even sat and listened to the speakers for an hour after the store closed and I had not made any commitment to a purchase. I went in just to browse with no intent to buy, but after a few days of internal debate I ended up buying some high quality Magico speakers after one experience in the store. Great experience and highly recommended."

- Eric Leckey

"I found F1 Audio just over 1 year ago and am so glad I did!!! Jamie is AWESOME to work with and is so knowledgeable. I have full confidence in his recommendations and am thrilled with the audio components I have purchased. My music listening experiences have been taken to the next level."

- Steve Humphreys

"This place was not knowledgeable about their products , it smelled and looked unsanitary compared to the pictures online I could not sit anywhere, I WOULD NOT sit anywhere. highly dissatisfied with my visit. Will not go there again."

- Sharoneko

I clearly think you have the wrong store. Were you at F1 Audio in Palatine IL? People have complemented us on how beautiful our store is, couches and furnishings from Pottery Barn, custom reclaimed lumber everywhere, beautiful lighting..... You must have not been in our store.

- Jamie Pauls

There was no further reply from Sharoneko...

"Jamie lied to me flat out when I called him on the phone and asked if he has the unit in an unopened condition. He said the unit has not been opened, so I drove 20+ minutes to pick it up. When I got there, the unit was an Open Box and has likely been store demo or even returned item - no way for me to know. When I asked him why he lied to me, he said it was unopened in a sense that it wasn't sold - I wish he had let me in on his interpretation before I drove all the way to the store. So I didn't buy it and lost 45 mins driving back and forth. Next time you are thinking to do business with F1 Audio, ask yourself, would you trust them if they lie so blatantly for even such a small thing that can easily be verified. For small business it is all about trust and they surely have lost mine (and by extension all my friends')."

- Svetlin Dimov

"Im sorry for your experience but the fact is, this is a brand new unit. There is a small round seal that on these units overtime peel off. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and have built our reputation on honesty and fair practices. If you would like us to have the US distributor reach out to verify this is indeed a brand new unit please let us know."

- Jamie Pauls

There was no further reply from Svetlin Dimov...

"Jamie and his team here are not only knowledgeable, but approachable. When was the last time you saw those two words in the same sentence when talking about a high-end audio equipment retailer? Jamie's prices are also exceptionally fair and felt within reach for even my modest budget. If you are looking to upgrade your stereo to a listening experience generator, and don't want to be talked down to while you learn, you owe it to yourself to visit F1."

- Vince Scalabrino

"Totally, totally awesome, highly recommended, Jamie is one of the nicest and knowledgeable individuals I have met. Excellent to work with!!!"

- J Cook

"A big thank you to Jamie at F1 Audio! I have been slowly assembling a new system and Jamie has been incredibly helpful and patient during this process. He has provided general background information, technical information and system matching recommendations. His extensive knowledge and calm demeanor make working with him a pleasant and rewarding experience. Highly Recommended!"

- Jeff Ladd

"Great products excellent customer service highly recommend"

- Gary Hamilton

"Very nice place and listening event. Thank you for the invite."

- JL

"Jaime is a great person to just talk audio with. Very knowledgeable and dedicated to finding the best solution that works for you."

- David Hayashi

"If u want THE best audio for your home or business, go here & talk to Jamie the owner"

- Greg Wright

"Jamie is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to high fidelity. He's an extremely nice person and is more than reasonable in his pricing. There is no reason to shop and compare his store with other stores His spectrum of products from low price range to high price range is met at his store. Whatever your needs, Jamie will fill them. I feel fortunate to have "discovered" him!"