YG Acoustics

Founded in 2002, YG Acoustics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the high-end audio industry.

Our drive to recreate the emotional magic of a live performance constantly inspires us to push the boundaries of audio technology. Over the years, our journey has led us to many proprietary innovations in design, materials and manufacturing.

YG loudspeakers bring together the very latest in science and technology. They are built from the highest performance materials, manufactured in-house to an unprecedented precision. They deliver exceptional measurements: huge frequency bandwidth, exceptional phase coherence, enormous dynamic range and vanishingly low distortion.

YG Acoustics Cairn
$8,500 pr + $1,500 pr / stands

YG Acoustics Tor
$10,500 pr + $1,500 pr / stands

YG Acoustics Talus
$14,200 pr

YG Acoustics Ascent
$19,800 pr

YG Acoustics Summit
$25,000 pr

YG Acoustics Descent

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