We welcome you to 2 evenings of great music and audio experiences featuring Estelon’s flagship Extreme loudspeakers, Vitus Audio’s Masterpiece electronics, and Crystal Cables critically acclaimed da Vinci cables.

This is an event not to be missed as you will have a transcending experience listening to music on a world class audio system!

Representing these world class products, we are pleased to have Aldo Filippelli with us. Aldo is an experienced 40-year veteran of the audio industry and one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the business. He’s been a speaker designer, distributor, and worked for several prestigious brands.

In 2020 Aldo started a unique and highly successful representation firm covering all of The Americas for Estelon, Vitus Audio, and Crystal Cable. Aldo will be able to answer any product questions and will be assisting with our presentations.



Please email to reserve a space by 9th December, as seating will be limited.

Acoustic excellence.

Understated, yet timeless style.

Rockport ORION  is now on display!

It’s all about the music.

The best in high end audio.

Forever now.

The world’s finest music system cables.

Listen, feel, experience.

A low noise floor is fundamental.

We are obsessed

with making

amazing sound.


We believe great sound

can be had at every price

and in every room.