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We showcase several floor standing and book shelf speakers from the best manufacturers in the business. When you’re looking for better sound, we have the speaker for you.


Whether you’re looking for an integrated amplifier, separates, or the ultimate mono amplifiers, we can perfectly pair your current speakers with the right electronic.


When you want to extract 100% of the performance from your system, power conditioning, cables, and interconnects are the answer. We exclusively feature Transparent Audio.


Have you asked yourself what is my gear sitting on? Standard home furnishings don’t help produce a low noise floor. We proudly showcase HRS to produce a superb sound system.

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What was that song you played?

Did you like what you heard? Can’t remember the song or artist? We have complied a list of the top tracks we use on a regular basis for demonstrations and we continue to add more.

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More Than
10 Years Old?

Still working and still sounding great are two very different things. Just because speakers make sound does not mean they play as well as the day they were made. Over time the crossover components and driver materials wear out but this happens slowly so you don't notice the change. Curious to hear the difference? Bring your old speakers in for a direct comparison to one of our current speakers. Please don't hesitate to call if you'd like to discuss further.

We Take Trade - Ins.

A great option for you might be to Trade-In – we allow you to trade-in your old gear towards new gear. Value is based on market demand, condition, and original box & accessories. Contact us for more information.

Everything From Small Upgrades To Complete Systems.

Often improvements to your system are simpler than you think. From maximizing your existing equipment with proper conditioning and cabling to extract 100% of your systems potential to taking into consideration what your equipment is sitting on to reduce vibration and noise. We are here to show you how you can make simple changes over time and within budget to make your listening experience that much better!

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