Vinnie Rossi L2i

Display model, full warranty. Includes original box, packing, remote, and power cord. New tubes. Like new condition $14,000 msrp.


Dynaudio Special 40

Pre-owned. Gloss grey birch. Includes original boxes, packing, and stands. Like new condition $3,600 msrp.


Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum

Pre-owned. Rosewood high gloss finish. Original crates & packing. $16,000 msrp.

coming soon

Revel F206

Display model. Revel F206. Walnut gloss finish. Original boxes, packing, full warranty. $3,500 msrp.


Organic Reference Speaker Cable

Pre-owned model. Spades all ends. 2.5M length. $4,050 msrp.


Burson Audio

Pre-owned. Burson Audio HA-160D headphone amplifier / dac. $1,200 msrp.


Roon Nucleus + Rev B

Pre-owned. Nucleus + $2,559 msrp.


Krell Showcase

Pre-owned. Krell Showcase 5 channel amplifier. 5 channels x 125 watts. $5,000 msrp


Nordost Heimdall 2

Pre-owned. 3m pair. $2,405 msrp.


Transparent 10-2

Custom made 10awg 2 conductor speaker cable with banana connectors. 10′ pair. $350 msrp.


Roon Nucleus Rev B

Display model. Nucleus $1,459 msrp.